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Codeanywhere now Enables Open Files in Sidebar

Some of you may have noticed the attention to detail we at Codeanywhere have been striving for lately. We have rewritten a ton of services in that have made Codeanywhere a much more stable and secure. Along this, we have been releasing a ton of at - first small features, but ones we believe are needed to create a full desktop replacement editor.

Today is one of those days, and we have updated Codeanywhere with the ability to enable Open Files in the sidebar.

Open Files in Sidebar

Now Codeanywhere will list all the files that are open, in a vertical form in your sidebar, right above your Exploro tree. We do hope this helps all of you be more productive using Codeanywhere. Of course to all of you who prefer the justed the tabbed view, you can disable this feature in your preferences.

To try this feature now and let us know your thoughts. Login.

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