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All New Web Based Terminal Client

Web Based Terminal Client

We have always prided ourselves with not only enabling you to write and edit code from anywhere but to be able to execute terminal commands from our Web Based Terminal Client. It has been aside from our editor, one of the cornerstones of Codeanywhere services.

Terminal Client Rehaul

Being a cornerstone, of late we found new techniques that we could use to make the Terminal Client faster. So fast even, that it could make you think you were working locally. So we spent the last few months on two things;
1.) “Rehauling” the code of the actual console, compressing and shrinking all the data to make the transfer of information as fast as possible and
2.) Making the Terminal Console Service geo-distributed.

A Geo-distributed Terminal Console Service

Making the console fast was only half of the problem, as we hosted the service in the US, so if you were working on servers from any other continent the lag would be very obvious. As of today this is no longer the case, as we are very proud to announce that we have launched Terminal Client Services in Europe, Asia and Australia, making our Web Based Terminal Client lighting fast no matter where your servers may be.

Try our new SSH Terminal Client now and let us know your thoughts.
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