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Codeanywhere Android Mobile IDE Update

Abdroid IDE v.6.1

Two months ago we launched Codeanywhere for Android, although titled version 6.0 it was the first ever real Mobile IDE.

But as with all things new there were a few issues with the new App. Now two months and seven updates later, we happy to announce that we have launched version 6.1. - Which has fixed all critical issues and a ton of minor ones. Below is a list of resolved issues:

  • Google OAuth Login Error
  • Terminal Client Select, Copy and Paste Issues
  • Addition of Terminal keyboard shortcuts
  • Keyboard Issues Fix (Duplicated letter)
  • Addition of Developer Keyboard
  • Editor theme color schemes fix (Ambiance, Seti, Blackboard)
  • Editor Select, Copy and Paste Issues
  • Expanded touch area on Save option
  • Updated User Profile
  • Improved SSH Terminal performance and stability
  • Additional minor bug fixes

Download Android App

If you haven't upgraded to v.6.1 please do now and let us know if your thoughts!

Login in today and try out these new features.

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