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Codeanywhere re-launches on iOS

Setting the standard for all future mobile apps for developers.

It is the season of giving and we have decided to give all of you Codeanywhere users a really great treat this year.

We have been away for the last 6 months following our investment and we finally have the first of many things to show you that we hope you will love using as we did creating them.

We would like to present to you the first mobile code editor that has been specifically designed and engineered to give you all the features of a fully featured desktop app,but designed for your small touch screen device.

With these new iOS Apps, Codeanywhere attempts to set the standard for all mobile editors and IDEs in the future. So it’s up to you guys to decide and let us know if we have succeeded.

Happy holidays to you all and we do hope these Apps will help you enjoy a less stressful holiday season.

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