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Improvements to Codeanywhere Cloud IDE: Supporting devcontainer.json to Enhance Development Environments

By implementing devcontainers.json, developers and organizations can now easily manage the increasing complexity of their environments with Codeanywhere.

Codeanywhere has been creating and following trends in cloud IDEs for the last 12 years. Codeanywhere is a cloud editor with pre-configured containers that start fresh in seconds from any git repo without vendor lock-in. A lot has changed over a decade, and some developments have become quasi-standards.

Among many changes in the new public beta, Codeanywhere has migrated from its proprietary specifications to a dev container standard available under the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct and Creative Commons licence. By supporting it, Codeanywhere will decrease the entry barrier for existing teams, allowing them to simply set up their dev environments and enjoy speed and efficiency.

The development containers specification aims to enhance typical development-specific settings, tools, and configuration while offering a simplified, un-orchestrated single container option, allowing them to be used as coding environments or for continuous integration and testing.

Using devcontainer.json Codeanywhere will enable the usage of a container as a full-fledged development environment. It may be used to execute an application, independent tools, libraries, or runtimes required for working with a codebase and to help with continuous integration and testing. Dev containers can be run on-premises or in the cloud, either privately or publicly.

According to our recent research among 1.173 developers, cloud IDE adoption is still low, with only 20.5% actively using them. Even among those who use cloud IDEs, only two-thirds use them exclusively for all of their work. We hope to change that with all the improvements we are making, said Ivan Burazin, co-founder of Codeanywhere.

Today Codeanywhere offers a truly open cloud IDE based on Eclipse Theia with full support for VS Code extensions. It provides the full flexibility of your environment, including an editor, terminal, debugger, version control and more. Being truly vendor-neutral and based on an open-source project hosted at an Open-Source Foundation protects the end users from any single-vendor decisions.

The new public beta is here!

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