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Codeanywhere Finally has a Color Picker

Not the biggest of features we have ever released, more so it is rather small, but the Color Picker is indispensable feature of any advanced code editor. It just makes you life easier, that is why you have been requesting it for as long as Codeanywhere has been around. That's why we say, as the title states “Finally” Codeanywhere has a color picker.

The Color Picker makes it easy to create, adjust, and experiment with custom colors for your web site or application. Also it makes it easy to convert between HEX, RGB and RGBa color formats.

Codeanywhere's new Color Picker tool

Color Picker is available in any file. You can open the Color Picker by hitting on Ctrl+Alt+K (PC) or CMD+Alt+K(MAC). It will appear as a pop-up near or below a text input field, allowing the user to select a color value, either decimal or hexadecimal (or both), by choosing the color with a mouse click, also the left slider selects the color code and right slider selects opacity value.

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