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Introducing Custom Domains for Codeanywhere Containers

Custom Domains are a new feature we are rolling out today at Codeanywhere. It now lets you run the web sites and applications that are on your Codeanywhere Containers with any domain you wish. Moreover you can also add a SSL Certificate for free! Powered by Let's Encrypt.

This means that you no longer have to use Codeanywhere’s URLs, but your own. Best of all it’s as simple as typing in the domain name, picking which Container to point it to and that’s it!

SSL Certificate

Setup HTTPS on a domain with a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Just set your External port to 443 and Codeanywhere will do the rest.

Brand Yourself

No longer do you have to send people links to your project that are on the Codeanywhere domain, rather feel free to use your own domain and brand.

Simple Hosting

If you already have your Wordpress, Magento or simple website running on Codeanywhere’s Containers, you no longer need to deploy the code to your Hosting provider, just enable the Container as Always-on, point your Custom domain and you’re done.

For more info on how to get this set up check out our Documentation or to get started right away login to your Dashboard now.

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