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Deploy anywhere with Cloud 66

We are excited to announce our partnership with Cloud 66!

Cloud 66 helps Ruby developers build, configure and manage their own servers on any cloud to power their web applications.

Cloud 66 + Codeanywhere

Using Codeanywhere it extremely easy to develop in the cloud, and now you can deploy your code directly from your Codeanywhere DevBox to any cloud provider with a single line using Cloud 66.

Cloud 66 + Codeanywhere

Making this work is very simple:

$ cd ~
$ wget https://app.cloud66.com/toolbelt/linux -O cx $ tar -xvf cx

Now Cloud 66 Toolbelt is available under a directory named with its version. You can copy it to a directory that is in your $PATH like /usr/local/bin

$ sudo mv ~/cx0.1.10linux_amd64/cx /usr/local/bin

Now you can initialise the Toolbelt and link it to your Cloud 66 account:

cx init

Follow the instructions and your Toolbelt is linked to your Cloud 66 account.

Now you can use the Toolbelt directly from your Codeanywhere DevBox to deploy your app.

If you have used the Git Repo address of your code when starting your DevBox, you can deploy your stack from ~/workspace:

Cloud 66 + Codeanywhere

cx redeploy

This does not need the -s since your stack is deployed from the same Git repository as with ~/workspace.

For more information on using the Toolbelt, checkout Cloud 66 Toolbelt Documentation.

Happy coding!

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