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DevBox Updates

We are excited to announce big updates to our DevBox service.

Now you have a choice of multiple linux distributions, both CentOS and Ubuntu for each development stack.

Also, all predefined stacks have been upgraded with lots of tools and libraries you have requested since we launched DevBoxes two months ago:

  • HTML stacks come with npm, bower, grunt and yeoman.

  • PHP stacks now come with version 5.4 (CentOS) and 5.5 (Ubuntu) instead of old 5.3, and phpMyAdmin preinstalled.

  • Node.js stacks come with npm, bower, grunt and MySQL database (MongoDB option coming soon).

  • Python stacks are vastly improved and now come with the proper version of easy_install, pip and virtualenv.

Custom Devbox Stacks

We have made creating custom stacks easier. You can now right click on an existing DevBox you have customized and select "Create Custom Stack" from the popup menu. Fill in the desired name and add some description if needed and when the process is completed your custom stack will be listed in DevBox creation dialog.

Last but not least important, we have vastly scaled DevBox infrastructure and the whole system has been optimized to handle user growth. If you have not used DevBoxes in a while you will be amazed of how we have improved the performance of our service.

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback to help us make DevBoxes the best virtual development environment.

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