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How to Access Multiple Dropbox Accounts? Use Codeanywhere.

We are excited to announce a new and unique feature that enables you to connect multiples of the same cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive to your Codeanywhere account.

Both Dropbox and Google Drive have created a revolution in their own right and have a lot of great features, but the one that they are both lacking is the ability to easily sign into multiple Dropbox (and or Google Drive) accounts at once.

So now with Codeanywhere, all of your Dropbox (and or Google Drive) accounts with all their files are available to view, edit, and organize simultaneously from one interface!

We at Codeanywhere have always prided ourselves with being unique in the way we enable our users to connect to any resource that their code may be on, and this is just one more feature addressing that.

Of course besides enabling easy access to multiple Cloud Storage accounts, Codeanywhere also allows you to easily access any FTP, SFTP server and even our own Development Environments or DevBoxes.

Login today and access all your cloud files.

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