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Manage your entire team with the Multiple Licences feature

Having in mind the needs and wishes of our users, Codeanywhere has released new update which allows one user to simply manage multiple accounts. If you're managing a huge number of employees or if you are just a small team, Codeanywhere's new feature enables you to manage your entire teams accounts, including which plans, addons and permissions they have.

Once you have set up and upgraded your primary Codeanywhere account to a Premium plan you can easily add additionall acounts over which you have complete control. Management of this feature is done through your Codeanywhere Dashboard and it consits of creating new or adding existing accounts under your management, granting of add-ons and, if necessary, closing the accounts.
This feature is curently available for our Freelancer, Professional and Business users. If you have Free or Starter account and you wish to use Multiple Licences feature, you can upgrade your account first though our Codeanywhere Dashboard.

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