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Partnering with Firehose

Today, we are very excited to announce that we’ve partnered with one of the top coding bootcamps in the world, Firehose . Firehose is on a mission to reinvent online technical education to help more people change their lives.

We here at Codeanywhere are always looking for ways to help people learn how to code, and a partnership with a company like Firehose just made sense.

Why are we partnering?

Believe it or not, one of the biggest hurdles to becoming a programmer is installing the programs that you need to use. Unlike the programs that you use for everyday tasks like Spotify, Chrome, Word, Photoshop, etc., developer programs tend to be notoriously hard to install. As part of the partnership, we will be providing free access to our Codeanywhere platform to all Firehose students during their 2-week intro course , so they can start coding in just one click.

With all of that awesome anticipation brewing, the last thing that you want as a student is to spend hours downloading, installing, and setting up a coding environment on your personal computer. Codeanywhere allows students set up an initial coding environment about 10x as fast.

"At Firehose, we're on a mission to reinvent online technical education. In pursuit of this, we're constantly searching for partners who allow us to offer our students a more seamless education experience. Codeanywhere is one of those partners." - Marco Morawec, CEO & co-founder, Firehose

Why should students try out Firehose?

Firehose's intro course gives students 2 weeks of free education with the opportunity to dive right in and start programming real Ruby applications. You can launch your own website, write Ruby code and solve coding challenges that screen out the majority of programmers before the first job interview. Firehose’s mentor team will also review your code so you can really work on your coding fundamentals.

How to start?

It’s easy. Just begin going through Firehose’s intro course, build a splash page to get comfortable with HTML/CSS, then dive right into writing Ruby programs in Codeanywhere using the Firehose preconfigured Container.

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