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Annual survey on development environments - first teaser

We have just finished our first annual survey on the state of development environments. Thanks to all of you, we have gathered almost 1.200 participants to provide insights into your needs, expectations and barriers when using the development environments. And we had a particular focus on cloud IDEs.

Did you know that cloud IDEs are now becoming a development tool of choice as the need for more end-to-end solutions increases? The cloud infrastructure is vital for creating new apps and programs for software developers, allowing them access to an infinite number of staging servers and resources, and enabling quick and efficient testing. Although the cloud has many advantages for developers, security threats are also concerns.

Codeanywhere State of development environments 2022 survey, which gathered 1.184 participants - out of which more than 40% have more than 10 years of dev experience and 66% have more than 5 years of dev experience - touched on some of the most important questions when selecting the right IDE.

How important are the following factors when selecting IDE?

The first findings show that 40% of participants considered ‘network dependency’ the most significant barrier to adopting a cloud IDE. The second biggest barrier is closely tied between ‘feeling that cloud IDEs are not yet production ready’ and ‘lack of integration with non-cloud environments’. Together with them in a close tie with 17.7%, there is a concern about the security of cloud IDEs. This goes along with the preferences of users when selecting the right IDE as security (for 46% of them, this is a top concern) is one of the top concerns for them, together with reliability and speed (65%).

These are just some of the preliminary results. We could easily say that we could expect them, but it is entirely different when almost 1.200 of you stand behind the numbers we got. Now we need to do some statistics and research to bring you the proper conclusion. Do follow our blog and Twitter for updates on our survey results.

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