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Release notes and version history

05-05-2015: Version 5.57.0

  • Added "Deploy to Heroku" feature

17-04-2015: Version 5.56.2

  • Added select runner menu to DevBox preview tab statusbar

13-04-2015: Version 5.55.3

  • Fixed bug with sandbox basic browse url
  • Fixed bug with scroll when typing at end of the file

10-04-2015: Version 5.55.2

  • Fixed bug with match tags option

28-03-2015: Version 5.55.1

  • Fixed bug with wizard for adding new DevBoxes

25-03-2015: Version 5.55.0

  • Added Amazon S3 support

25-03-2015: Version 5.54.2

  • Fixed bug with "visible scrollbar" options
  • Fixed bug with autosave function

17-03-2015: Version 5.54.1

  • Added new predefined development enviroments: Meteor, Ember.js, Backbone.js, AngularJS and io.js

12-03-2015: Version 5.54.0

  • Added "get your Private key" link in user preferences
  • Fixed bug with copy/paste functions for SSH terminal in Windows
  • Fixed bug with editor MiniMap

05-03-2015: Version 5.53.0

  • Added new feature: Code editor MiniMap
  • Fixed bug with notifications dialog

26-02-2015: Version 5.52.6

  • Added new predefined development enviroments: Wordpress, Laravel, Symfony, Sails and MEAN

20-02-2015: Version 5.52.5

  • Added notifications module
  • Imporoved folder operations

09-02-2015: Version 5.52.4

  • Fixed bug with renaming shared files
  • Fixed "indent with spaces" bug
  • Added "blank stack" option when creating custom stack

29-01-2015: Version 5.52.3

  • Added wizard for adding new DevBoxes, (S)FTP servers and third party services

13-01-2015: Version 5.52.2

  • Shift+Tab is now manualy dedenting current line or selection. Old behavior can still be used by using "Auto Indent" option which is now turned off by default

09-01-2015: Version 5.52.1

  • Updated CodeMirror
  • New syntax highlighting modes: Dart, EBNF, spreadsheet, and Soy
  • Tweaked behavior for the completion addons to not take text after cursor into account

06-01-2015: Version 5.52.0

  • Fixed bug with session expire
  • Unchanged text in file revisions is now folded by default

18-12-2014: Version 5.51.5

  • Improved notification service
  • Fixed bug on connection to RTCE session

12-12-2014: Version 5.51.4

  • Updated CodeMirror
  • New syntax highlighting modes: Dockerfile, IDL, Modelica, Textile
  • Improvements on modes: CoffeeScript (indentation), Verilog (indentation), Scala (indentation, triple-quoted strings), PHP (interpolated variables in heredoc strings), gfm (strikethrough), SPARQL (version 1.1 support), and sTeX (no more runaway math mode)
  • Improved handling of unicode identifiers in modes for languages that support them.
  • Fixed bug with "Save as" and "Open file" dialogs
  • Fixed bug with "Close all" function

01-12-2014: Version 5.51.3

  • Fixed bug with sharing currently opened file
  • Fixed bug with encoding on saving file

01-12-2014: Version 5.51.2

  • Fixed bug on refreshing file while using RTCE

01-12-2014: Version 5.51.1

  • Default shortcut for "To lower case" and "To upper case" is changed to "Cmd+Shift+L" and "Cmd+Shift+U"

01-12-2014: Version 5.51.0

  • RTCE performance improved
  • When you click on a Collaborators icon (top righthand corner), your editor tab will focus on their cursor

24-11-2014: Version 5.50.5

  • Fixed bug with emmet code completion on html files

21-11-2014: Version 5.50.4

  • Fixed bug with saving DevBox preferences file

18-11-2014: Version 5.50.3

  • Fixed bug with disconnecting from RTCE session
  • Added option to reconnect RTCE session if disconnected

17-11-2014: Version 5.50.2

  • Fixed bug with automatic file reload on DevBox start event
  • Fixed DevBox events fallback on ajax if websocket connection fails

11-11-2014: Version 5.50.1

  • Fixed bug on adding Google Drive connection

06-11-2014: Version 5.50.0

  • Share Link Feature
  • Real Time Collaborative Editing - RTCE (multiple users can code on the same file simultaneously)
  • Improved Share Dialog
  • Improved Preview Tab
  • Fixed some minor UI bugs for DevBox options
  • More commands can be assigned with keyboard shortcuts

25-10-2014: Version 5.42.0

  • Added Run Project Configurations for DevBoxes (define multiple configurations for each DevBox and switch between them easily)
  • Added Execution Log for monitoring running project console output
  • Added Preview Project Function
  • Added Tab Context Menu (right click on tab caption)
  • Improved DevBox and SSH Terminal responsiveness

20-10-2014: Version 5.41.0

  • Added basic Git commands for DevBoxes (available in context menu)

09-10-2014: Version 5.40.2

  • Fixed Goto Files list order

07-10-2014: Version 5.40.1

  • Fixed Bug with emmet code completion
  • Fixed Bug with upload service (done option is now shown after upload is finished)
  • Fixed Bug on drag and drop folders
  • Color changed on drag and drop function

03-10-2014: Version 5.40.0

02-10-2014: Version 5.30.5

  • Command+Up and Command+Down shortcuts on Mac are now setting cursor on beginning / end of file

23-09-2014: Version 5.30.4

  • Opening file or folder will start DevBox (if previously stopped)

22-09-2014: Version 5.30.3

  • Directory now expands on refresh function
  • Fixed Bug with directory expanding after DevBox is initialized

19-09-2014: Version 5.30.2

  • Fixed missing Share command in popup menu for DevBox servers
  • Fixed Bug for duplicate line command (Cmd+Shift+D) in html files
  • Show cursor when selecting is now default option (it can still be disabled in preferences)

18-09-2014: Version 5.30.1

  • Reload file content icon added to toolbar
  • Fixed check-in/check-out toolbar icon problem when sharing already opened files
  • Toggable option "Indent with tabs" added to main menu (Main Menu -> Edit)
  • Fixed missing Upload command in popup menu for Dropbox and Share root folders
  • Gutter options added to main menu (Main Menu -> View)

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