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Share Links and Pair Programming

We’re very excited today to announce two new features that will change the way you collaborate with your fellow developers: Share Links and Pair Programming.

Share Links generates a unique URL that you can easily send to anyone you want. And by anyone, not only existing Codeanywhere users. If you define your share to be publicly accessible, anyone who gets the link can instantly preview the file. If you have used Dropbox Google Drive to share files, you will find this very familiar. But unlike Dropbox you can in fact have someone hop in a Pair programming session with you!

We have also redesigned the share dialog to make it more intuitive and faster to create a new share.

Pair Programming and collaboration on code in general is something that we have wanted for a while and as we have heard, it is something that the all of you have wanted as well. So we can all finally get rid of the crazy ways of collaboration like using Screen Share.

We are very happy to announce our second amazing feature we have released today, which lets you code together with other users on the same file at the same time. You can see each other while editing the file and again, if you have used Google Docs for live collaboration on documents you probably know how useful this feature can be.

Best of all, not only can you code together, but you can Run code together too. No matter where you are!

Login now and share a file to test it out right away.

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