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Top 10 Most Used PHP Libraries

It is an exciting time to be a PHP developer. PHP coding need a lot of practice to achieve perfection, and libraries help a lot to do number of things easily and with less efforts.

Every coder is well aware of importance of PHP libraries that offers numerous useful extensions and features to get the most out of the project you're working on.

There are lots of useful libraries, so in this article we gathered the most popular ones voted for by Codeanywhere users.

Our Data and Metrics

We're always interested what kind of tools are used by our customers in order to enhance our services and adjust them to the needs of Codeanywhere users. We sent this survey to more than 10.000 Codeanywhere users and received more than 2.000 answers.

Most Used PHP Libraries

Results are only confirmed what we already knew. As expected, most of our users votes went to SwiftMailer with more than 36 percent of votes. This library confirmed its status as comprehensive tool that offers flexible and elegant object-oriented approach.

PHPFastCache, Geocoder and PHP Thumb are positioned on second, third and fourth place, but with identical percentages of votes which means they are equally popular among our users.
For a full list, check out the graph below:

Other Sources and Trends

Watching scores of these libraries on Google Trends, it's evident that there are some variances. For example, PHPSecLib who took only a tenth place is in our survey had better search results than Opauth which was fifth in our poll.


This just proves that no research is considered entirely accurate, and the results of surveys can be noticeably different depending on the group of users who participated. What is certain is that SwiftMailer is apparently most popular in both Google Trends results and our survey.

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