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Using GitHub via Devboxes instead of GitHub Explorer

Codeanywhere's GitHub Explorer was implemented to help you access your files from your GitHub repositories back in days when you could only use FTP to connect to your web servers. It was never fully completed, though it did have a significant number of users that liked the idea.

Since we have introduced the DevBoxes to Codeanywhere, GitHub Explorer will soon be removed from Codeanywhere as it only supports repositories that are owned by a user and does not allow any advanced functions (Read-only mode).

Our latest DevBox feature is ideal for working with GIT repositories. DevBoxes are in essence your own Virtual Private Servers which runs invisibly in the background of Codeanywhere, each one with its own amount of RAM, Disk space and Processing power. DevBoxes give you the ability to provision any Development Environment you like be it; PHP, HTML5, Java, NodeJS, Python, Ruby, C or C++ instantly. You won’t even be aware of it being created or started.

When creating your DevBox you just enter your git url (SSH git url for private repos) and your repository will be cloned immediately to your DevBox when it starts. Please ensure that your Codeanywhere public SSH key is added in your Github account settings in the "SSH keys" section. For more information about DevBox feature please visit our online documentation where this is explained in detail: https://codeanywhere.zendesk.com/entries/31026625-3-7-DevBoxes

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