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Vim mode for Codeanywhere 💻

Vim Mode for Codeanywhere

We understand that if you have used Vim for a long time, you never wanted to use any other keybinding, and because Codeanywhere did not offer a Vim mode it was a no go, for most of you.

Well for all of you Vim users out there, we have some good news - you can now use Vim mode in Codeanywhere!

Simply go to Preferences - General tab and on the bottom check the Vim option.

Even though it's not a complete vim implementation, it has a lot of features:

  • All common motions and operators, including text objects
  • Operator motion orthogonality
  • Visual mode - characterwise, linewise, blockwise
  • Full macro support (q, @)
  • Incremental highlighted search (/, ?, #, , g#, g)
  • Search/replace with confirm (:substitute, :%s)
  • Search history
  • Jump lists (Ctrl-o, Ctrl-i)
  • Key/command mapping with API (:map, :nmap, :vmap)
  • Sort (:sort)
  • Marks (`, ')
  • :global
  • Cross-buffer yank/paste

Haven't tried it yet? You can fid the documentation here: http://docs.codeanywhere.com/features/vimmode.html.

Login in today and try out these new features.

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